Polling News

February 28, 2019

POLL: Oregonians Want Their “Kicker” Money

FEBRUARY 28, 2019 – A new statewide survey of voters in Oregon shows an overwhelming majority supports the “Kicker” provision in the state constitution and nearly 7 in 10 voters do not want the state to keep their tax credit.

The survey shows 73% support the kicker that would grant refunds of taxes paid to the state in the form of a tax credit, and 69% said they oppose a plan under consideration by the state legislature to keep kicker money in state coffers. The Oregon state economist has projected that a surplus of tax revenue is projected, and that the kicker provision would be triggered effective in 2020.

The survey also shows a significant majority would support a ballot measure to overturn legislative action to keep the kicker money instead of returning it to taxpayers as prescribed by the state constitution.

Read the topline report here:  OR – Statewide Kicker Poll Topline Report 2-18-2019