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May 28, 2019

POLL: Oregon Voters Still Want Their “Kicker” Tax Refund

MAY 28, 2019 – A fresh poll of likely General Election voters statewide shows Oregon voters overwhelmingly want to get every dollar of their tax rebate from the tax Kicker law, which is estimated to be about $700 per tax filer.

This as political leaders in Salem, including Governor Kate Brown and Speaker of the House Tina Kotek, make plans to spend much of that money themselves. The topline report for the survey is linked below.

A massive majority of 65% of voters said the full amount of the tax rebate, due to tax filers as a refund of tax overpayments because the state economists estimate the state will collect far more in tax revenue from citizens than it needs. Governor Kate Brown wants to keep half of the state kicker money to pay down public employee pension obligations, while Speaker Kotek wants to use half the money to pay for Portland-area freeway fixes and a new environmental program.

Given a choice of what should be done with the kicker money, only 20% of voters statewide said they would support Brown’s proposal, while only 9% said they would favor Kotek’s ideas.

While Democrats were more supporting of Brown’s idea and Kotek’s plans, still, a majority of all political stripes supported just giving the kicker rebate back to taxpayers to spend or save. While 52% of Democrats want tax filers to get their full refund, 82% of Republicans and 68% of unaffiliated voters want the same.

ON ANOTHER QUESTION about taxes, 64% of Oregon voters said they opposed a plan to tax carbon emissions to use the money for environmental remediation. The proposal, known as a Cap and Trade bill and currently working its was through the Oregon legislature as HB 2020, is expected to cause a significant increase in gasoline and home heating costs. This, in turn, is expected to create a serious hardship on households with fixed incomes.

Just 23% support this legislation.

Republicans and non-aligned voters are heavily against it, with 82% of Republicans and 69% of independent voters opposed to it. Democrats also lean against it, with 47% saying they oppose it and 37% saying they are in favor of it.

OR – Statewide Taxes Poll Topline Report 5-26-2019