Polling News

November 6, 2016

POLL: Brown Pulls Away in Oregon Governor Race

NOVEMBER 6, 2016 – The latest Clout Research survey shows that after toying with the idea of going in a new direction and voting for a Republican for Governor for the first time in more than 30 years, Oregon voters appear to be returning to type by supporting Democrat Kate Brown for the state’s top office.

                After being statistically tied with Republican Bud Pierce for months, voters have returned to their partisan ways, with 52% supporting Brown in the latest Clout poll, compared to 41% who support Pierce. About 7% either support other candidates or are yet undecided.

                Compared to recent polling, Brown gained 8 points, while Pierce lost about four points, largely as Democrats finally decided to come home and support Brown. She moved from 74% support among Democrats in late October to 87% support among her own party, a move that shows she has made her case to her political base.

                Republican Pierce, a political newcomer, is also doing well among Republicans, as he also wins 87% among GOP voters.      The other movement in the survey is among independent voters, who have moved consistently but slowly from the Pierce camp to the Brown camp.

                The other movement was less dramatic – but still notable: Brown has widened her lead among women and has closed the gap with Pierce among men. The polling memo is linked here below: