Polling News

March 20, 2017

Clout/ZPolitics Poll: Ossoff Widens His Lead; GOPers Battle for Spot in Runoff

MARCH 20, 2017 – A new poll released today by ZPolitics and Clout Research shows that Democrat Jon Ossoff has increased his lead in the all-in-one “jungle” primary election in Georgia’s CD6, where many candidates from both parties are running together in a primary competition to replace Republican Tom Price.

The survey, conducted late last week, includes 625 respondents and shows Ossoff at 41% among all voters, followed by Republicans Karen Handel and Bob Gray, tied at 16% each. Compared to another ZPolitics/Clout poll conducted last month at a time when the campaigns were really just beginning to get public attention, this one shows most Democrats in the district favoring Ossoff, while the majority Republican electorate is significantly split between Gray, Handel, and four other GOP candidates. The top two candidates in the primary will advance to a runoff election. While Democrat Ossoff enjoys a nice edge right now because of his consolidation of Democratic Party support, the top GOPer to enter the runoff must still be considered the odds-on favorite, considering the R +16 makeup of the district.

That said, Donald Trump won this district by only a single point in the November election.

The Clout poll found just 6% undecided in the race, while another 2% favored an unnamed candidate. Fritz Wenzel, Clout founder and pollster, said this is largely because the campaigns are now well underway, voters are making up their minds more by the day, and our survey sample includes likely primary voters – a sample of well-informed voters who probably pay more much attention to such elections than the casual Georgia resident.  Surveys that include simply registered voters will include an undecided percentage that is likely to be far higher.

Wenzel also said it is likely that Ossoff is enjoying Democratic movement to support his campaign as a backlash to the onslaught of negative Republican Party attacks against him. Republicans, by contrast, have many candidates from which to choose and so have spread their support around. After the primary, the surviving GOP candidate will have to work to unify party voters behind their campaign to lock down the seat.

Here are the details:   GA CD 6 Topline Report 3.17.2017