Polling News

December 28, 2015


As one of the craziest political years in memory draws to a close and opens the door to what is very likely to be an even crazier year, Clout Research’s year-end poll shows the voting public nationwide is not amused.

Polling has shown for months that a vast majority of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Why anyone would wonder why outsider candidates for President are doing so well in this atmosphere is a mystery to me – people’s trust of Washington is practically non-existent.  So, Trump leads by a wide margin in our latest poll, winning 38% support among a sample of 444 likely-to-vote Republicans nationwide. Ted Cruz is in second place with 23%.  Both these guys are considered outsiders.

In the wake of the terror attacks in San Bernardino, California, Americans now believe that this worldwide terrorism thing is for real. They are scared. They should be.

Our latest polling shows that 58% are more inclined to purchase firearms to protect themselves and their family from terrorists. And 55% said they do not have confidence that the government will be able to protect them from terrorists attacking us here at home.

We find ourselves nearing the end of a very long glide path of government corruption and incompetence.  The results of the 2016 elections may well determine whether that glide path ends in a sharp pull-up resulting in our national salvation, or whether we end up in a fireball.

It’s been a long downward spiral.

It used to be that government did a lot of things pretty well. The highway system. City infrastructures. An exceptional military. While it failed in areas here and there, it was mostly okay because at least it wasn’t that expensive.

Then, things developed to the point where the government did very few things well, and had become very expensive. But, it was still okay because at least government at the local levels seemed to continue to perform fairly well..

Now, we find ourselves at the point where government at all levels are failing at pretty much everything, and they are also far more expensive than we could ever hope to afford. But the kicker is that, now, we are discovering that government incompetence can actually kill us.  It has already resulted in the deaths of those in San Bernardino. You can easily draw a straight line from the failure of our visa system to the deaths of those poor people.

Trump and Hillary aside, this is a big reason there is so much attention being paid to the presidential election this cycle. To do otherwise may well put us in mortal danger.